Method for Range Classification

Two methods of range classification can be considered. Both these methods are based on the percentage contribution of the schemes.

Method 1 (Two-part budget): The two-part budget is followed in the case of gender budget which comprises in India comprises two parts.

  • Part A encompasses schemes that allot 100% of the funds for women.
  • Part B consists of schemes that allocate at least 30% of funds for women

Method 2 (Six-part budget): The six-part budget is followed by Bihar in their green budgeting process. This method of range classification is derived from the Rio Marker methodology.

  • Range 1: 100%
  • Range 2: 75%-90%
  • Range 3: 50%-75%
  • Range 4: 25%-50%
  • Range 5: 5%-25%
  • Range 6: 1%-5%